Masterclass in Cochrane Methodology

Tuesday 29th June 2021 - Registration opens at 9:30am

Venue: Seminar Room 507-G00722-30 Park Avenue, Building 507, Grafton

University of Auckland

Tēnā koutou katoa!


It’s pleasing to see the contribution made by New Zealanders to the synthesis of best available health evidence worldwide. Each Cochrane review has the potential to have far-reaching medical care benefits both here and beyond our shores. And we do seem to produce a lot of reviews given our population size.


We’ve now reached a critical mass of expertise in Aotearoa. We’re privileged to be able to gather together some of our most seasoned reviewers to showcase excellence and expertise in a symposium format. Likewise, we believe there is now also a critical mass of professionals in this country who, having garnered some experience in the Cochrane review process, are eager to learn more. It is to these current and future valued contributors that we warmly extend an invitation to attend. There is a suite of new and refreshed tools we’re excited to share, that will improve both the ease and rigour of future reviews.


The Cochrane process is collaborative, independent, and relied upon internationally to inform medical care and policy decisions.  Each of us is very proud to have been associated with Cochrane, having cumulatively clocked up some decades of experience between us. We extend our thanks to the Ministry of Health for supporting Cochrane NZ.


“Tuitui tāngata, tuitui korowai”

This whakataukī reminds us to exercise heed and precision in the care of the people, as would be used to sew a chief’s fine feather cloak.


    Professor Cindy Farquhar               Dr Mark Jeffery                   Dr Vanessa Jordan

                    Director                                       Director                           Associate Director