Cochrane Crowd

Just 60 seconds a day can make a difference

In the last 20 years research output has grown exponentially making it really difficult to keep up with the evidence. As a Cochrane citizen scientist you would be helping us to identify and describe the research that may be very important in helping us to determine whether a treatment works, or whether a diagnostic test is accurate.

No previous experience required, you can start now or read some frequently asked questions about one of the tasks.

What do I need to do exactly?

Try it out!

No previous experience necessary. We’ll walk you through all that you need to know.

Categorise research at the click of a button
Every click makes it faster and easier for us to find research that helps answer vitally important questions about the effects of a treatment.

Have a cup of tea and relax
Work at your own pace, whenever you want. Just a few minutes a day makes a huge difference. Without this work we cannot accurately answer the questions about effectiveness of new treatments.